A Process…

The writing is coming along for the mystery thriller, Lily’s Hope. It seems like I’m still stuck in the same section of the mystery which is the first five chapters. I’m ready to move forward and yet there are details in the writing that need to be addressed. Writing a novel is definitely a process. It feels like it will be years before this book is done, and I am technically on the first draft.

I am happy that I am forced to push through because I have people who are waiting for chapters.

My baby has been out there for a week — I’ve received a little bit of feedback on it — so we’ll see how it all pans out. I sent out the next pages so I look forward to the feedback.

I made plans for the coming days to work on my script. That goal hasn’t been attempted this round, unfortunately. I am hopeful, though.

Not much more to report.

Wishing all you ROW80ers a good rest of the week!


Taking A Risk…

August already? Wow.

The outside writing time this week has been inside since my husband was away on business and I was solo parent this week to our three boys. I was still able to get together with my fellow writer this past Monday. Going over the mystery thriller – Lily’s Hope – was amazing and enlightening. I was giddy at the end of it. So glad and grateful that we are getting together like this every Monday evening. It’s pushing me to have at least ten new pages at minimum done every week. I’m still aiming for that goal of 28 pages a week — haven’t reached it yet but am hopeful.

Interestingly enough, I took a risk this week with my mystery thriller. One that leaves my heart in my throat even now as I type this.

I have now put my heart and baby (the mystery thriller – Lily’s Hope) out there to the world – so to speak. Outside of my writer’s workshop group (6 women) that meets once a month and the fellow writer who I meet with once a week to go over my pages, I am going to have a a few friends read chapters of story every week as I write it and get their feedback on it. Just from a reader’s perspective. Not in-depth constructive criticism (unless they want to give it), just get a sense of whether they are intrigued and enjoying the book. And if it flows well and makes sense to them.

Am I crazy? I think. It’s risky (for my heart and ego mostly) but I figured I could gauge whether this story is intriguing enough to hold readers. Maybe if it’s good enough, I could gain a tiny buzz from it. And it will push me to finish knowing I have readers expecting those next chapters. Nothing like a little pressure.

I felt maybe it’s about time I put my writing out there to people — and getting feedback from readers who read mystery novels could prove to be extremely helpful. Thankfully, they are people who know me so even if I fall flat on my face, there won’t completely shun me.

Ahh…we’ll see.

Have an amazing week, ROW80ers!