Back To The Routine…

There goes another two weeks without posting. Wow.

School starts and a Grandma visit. All very good but unfortunately not good for the writing. It’s been more than two weeks since I’ve had a complete writing time and getting out to do it has been practically nil. No work on any of my goals for this round. I haven’t even met with my fellow writing colleague on Mondays to go over our pages.

However, now that things are beginning to settle down, I feel like I can look up and back towards my writing – the paranormal thriller that I’m now working on among other writing projects.

Here are my goals again for Round 3 (I probably need to see this more than you do):

1. Lily’s Hope – my paranormal thriller – up to 300 pages by the end of this round. End goal: a completed first draft. That’s about 28 pages a week.

2. Matt/Shay – my mainstream novel – revision of the rough draft up to 300 pages by the end of this round. 28 pages a week. End goal: a newly revised draft (the official first draft).

3. New Orleans Story – my other paranormal thriller – 60 pages a month. 20 pages a week. End goal: a completed first draft


So I begin again with the routine of scheduled writing times with the above goals in mind. Crossing my fingers on being able to make some progress this week and more importantly to getting back to the routine with good consistency.

Wishing all you ROW80ers the same. Have a great week!