Enter the Outline

Since Wednesday, the writing has been fairly consistent which makes me happy.

I have been working on both the paranormal thriller (Lily’s Hope) and the mainstream novel project. Working on each project by writing in 10 page increments. It’s been good. Slow yet deliberate. And I’ve been inspired to squeeze in some writing in between the scheduled writing times which has been nice.

The process still feels never-ending.

This week I made a decision to put more emphasis and time on my novel outlines. To do some extensive outlining on the existing writing projects above and on a few future projects – one of which I may use as a basis for my next Nano (National Novel Writing Month) writing project. Lately, I’ve been hearing that some really successful authors outline extensively – putting a lot of time and energy into their outlines, which then results in a smooth novel writing effort. Ken Follet did this with Pillars of the Earth. Outlined extensively for about a year. Amazing. Yet it makes perfect sense.

Now I don’t know if I could strictly work on an outline for a novel for a year but I’m noticing there is something to laying out the details of the story and working them out through the outline. For me, this will require lots of patience since most times, I just want to get to writing and creating scenes. I’m looking forward to the outlining though. There are so many scenes that run through my head for the various different story ideas I have, I’m beginning to think I need to outline. I also need to desperately pick out the holes in my stories and fill them.

So onward I go — writing and outlining along the way. Wishing all you ROW80ers a great week of writing and progress.


Quality, Not Quantity

A new week…new progress. It’s been a good one so far – starting with last Saturday when I had a scheduled writing time outside for the first time in weeks. It was so refreshing.

I’ve been eager and excited to work on my mainstream novel this week – even sneaking in times to write throughout my day in half hour increments. What’s helping is that I am working on it 10 pages at a time. I am even saving each set of 10 in its own file, after copying and pasting the finished section in a master draft document. I tend to focus more on the details of the novel this way.

Feels doable. Feels like I’m giving my scenes more in-depth attention and that inspires me. I am focusing on the quality of my work instead of the quantity now. It’s awesome. Yet, I am getting through more pages as I focus on them ten at a time. It’s very cool. Overall, too, it feels like my writing is much better when I do it this way.

I am working on the mystery thriller in this same way as well. Good stuff.

Overall, so far, so good on the two goals I set for this round.

Hello New Round…

Wow, a new round. For me, a new start.

My goals for this round at this point are:

1. get up to 300 pages of Lily’s Hope, my mystery thriller

2. get up to 300 pages of my mainstream novel.

Both novel projects I am in the middle of working on and have been for awhile. My mainstream is about 260 pages now so I should get to 300 soon. Honestly I’d like to go beyond 300 to about 350 but I’ll cap it at 300. With the mystery thriller, I have a little farther to go but am excited to continue working on it.

The way I plan to go about accomplishing these goals is by setting a page goal each time I sit down to write in addition to a time goal. Hopefully, this will move my writing forward.

I love Kait Nolan’s (of ROW80 fame)suggestion of picking something with my writing to work on deliberately. Some aspect of the craft to work on deliberately. I’m still mulling that one over but hope to incorporate it into my existing goals soon.

So here I am at the start of Round 4, we’ll see how it all goes down. I’m looking forward to it.