Hello New Round…

Wow, a new round. For me, a new start.

My goals for this round at this point are:

1. get up to 300 pages of Lily’s Hope, my mystery thriller

2. get up to 300 pages of my mainstream novel.

Both novel projects I am in the middle of working on and have been for awhile. My mainstream is about 260 pages now so I should get to 300 soon. Honestly I’d like to go beyond 300 to about 350 but I’ll cap it at 300. With the mystery thriller, I have a little farther to go but am excited to continue working on it.

The way I plan to go about accomplishing these goals is by setting a page goal each time I sit down to write in addition to a time goal. Hopefully, this will move my writing forward.

I love Kait Nolan’s (of ROW80 fame)suggestion of picking something with my writing to work on deliberately. Some aspect of the craft to work on deliberately. I’m still mulling that one over but hope to incorporate it into my existing goals soon.

So here I am at the start of Round 4, we’ll see how it all goes down. I’m looking forward to it.


One thought on “Hello New Round…

  1. Yeah, Kaits idea was good. I’m focussing on outlining ideas and revision ideas, although I didn’t specify it on my goals because I’d already written them. I’ll have to add them at some point. Best of luck with those pages!

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