Quality, Not Quantity

A new week…new progress. It’s been a good one so far – starting with last Saturday when I had a scheduled writing time outside for the first time in weeks. It was so refreshing.

I’ve been eager and excited to work on my mainstream novel this week – even sneaking in times to write throughout my day in half hour increments. What’s helping is that I am working on it 10 pages at a time. I am even saving each set of 10 in its own file, after copying and pasting the finished section in a master draft document. I tend to focus more on the details of the novel this way.

Feels doable. Feels like I’m giving my scenes more in-depth attention and that inspires me. I am focusing on the quality of my work instead of the quantity now. It’s awesome. Yet, I am getting through more pages as I focus on them ten at a time. It’s very cool. Overall, too, it feels like my writing is much better when I do it this way.

I am working on the mystery thriller in this same way as well. Good stuff.

Overall, so far, so good on the two goals I set for this round.


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