Slow Starting…

The writing in the past week and a half has been like a car starting slow at first. I didn’t make great leaps in the pages I wanted to cover. I haven’t been fully disciplined with keeping to my writing schedule. I had another book review deadline that I had to meet and that took precedence over the writing. Not much time writing away from home either. I haven’t touched the paranormal thriller or the mainstream for that matter. Hoping to get into the schedule and jump in this week.

I did make some progress on a revision, though. Completed what I scheduled out to do for last week and the beginning of this week which is great because out of all the stories and half-completed drafts I have, this one is the closest to being complete and possibly published.

I’ve been considering self-publishing, lately. A good friend of mine just did it and she’s so happy. She’s taking publishing into her own hands and likes it.

Any of you out there self-publish or are planning to? What are the pros and cons? Would love some feedback.

In the meantime, hoping for more progress this week and wishing the same for you, ROW80ers.

Have an amazing week!


A New Year, A New Round, A New Consistency…

Hello, 2014!

I am looking forward to a new year of writing and the hope of completing a few novel drafts this year.

I have big dreams for my writing this year and I hope to accomplish the smaller goals toward them.

My goals for this round:

1. To make it to pg. 300 with my paranormal thriller. I am at pg. 111 right now.

2. To make it to pg. 300 with my mainstream novel. I am at pg. 258 right now.

3. To make it to pg. 60 with my current script. I am technically at pg. 1 right now.

I am excited especially for goal #3 because I haven’t written a script in awhile. For me, as a screenwriter, it is like getting back to my first love.

So a lot of writing in the next two months but I’m ready.

So glad for the ROW80 challenge.

Wishing all you ROW80ers a wonderfully productive week!