Round 2: Jumping In

It is Round 2 of ROW 80 and I am jumping in, a week or so late. I am glad to be back. The last round I kind of fizzled out a bit so here I am, starting again.

Since Round 2 will cover about two and 1/2 months, my goals are the following:

1. Write/work on 10 pages each day in April on my WIP Mystery/Sci-Fi novel, Lily’s Hope. Then write/work on 10 pages each day in May on my other WIP, a cozy mystery, Cathedral.

2.To complete a draft of at least 300pp of Lily’s Hope by the end of this round. The 10 pages I do per day for Goal #1 should help in this goal in addition to the scheduled writing times I’ve set up to work on Lily’s Hope over the next couple of months. I am up to pg. 90 at this point.

3. Complete a draft of my police procedural script, Mariana’s Story (120 pages).

I look forward to hitting the ground running. Wishing all you ROW80ers a good week!



2 thoughts on “Round 2: Jumping In

  1. Those clear goals focus on the writing, and I hope you feel good about the progress you are making. I too have a police procedural in the drawer that I’d love to work on and let go — but my other wip projects are in the way! All the best in the coming round.

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