A NaNo Unfinish

Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and this year I will definitely not finish.  However, after having finally finished a NaNo last year, after having done it for four years in a row, I am not too down about not completing NaNo.  Actually, I am completely encouraged.

I guess having had the experience of attempting NaNo for now the fifth year, I realized that writing some words is better than writing none.  I will be at least 20,000 words further in my new novel draft than I would have been a month ago.  In previous years, it’s been 26,000  35,000 words, 39, 000 words.  I have also realized that my key  current works-in-progress which I have been working on and finishing up are from each of those NaNo projects.  I didn’t realize that until I looked back.  And that’s encouraging.  My current novel projects began with NaNo.

So that is the reason I am encouraged. Because if the trend continues, this year’s NaNo project will become another one of my key novels.

Interesting what happens when I have the perspective of looking back.

I haven’t worked on Lily’s Hope in a couple of weeks because this NaNo project has been my focus.  I look forward to returning to it soon, though.


Row 80: Chugging…

It’s been more than a month since my last ROW80 post and things are chugging along, a little slowly for my taste, but moving…

It’s November and I’m into the last week of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where the goal is 50,000 words in 30 days. I am way behind, sitting at a whopping 11,000 words but I’m not giving up. My NaNo Project is the second book in a mystery series that I am working on. One that is entirely different from the other mystery thriller WIP I have: Lily’s Hope. I figure even if I don’t hit the 50,000 word goal by midnight Dec. 1st, at least I’ll have a semblance of a draft that I can go back and add to/work on. And the best possible scenario: use this Thanksgiving Break from school (for my boys) to catch up on my writing. It helps that I won’t be driving back and forth from school and activities. We should be home.

But seriously, where did the month go?

Speaking of Lily’s Hope, I have been working on pages for that WIP. It helped that for most of the Saturdays in late October and November, I have been able to write at a cafe with members of my Writing Group for a couple of hours. That time always seems to jumpstart the momentum when it comes to working on Lily’s Hope. The plot has taken on a couple of more layers so that’s good.

Crossing my fingers for this week…