Keep Going

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last post. Can’t believe it’s been more than a month!

I’ve been consistently working on Lily’s Hope, my Sci-Fi mystery. I am up to pg. 170 with a goal to hit about 350 pages. I am thankful for my writing group which sets up writing time at least three Saturdays out of four every month. I find that I am using that Saturday time that we share together as a time to reset every week.

I always have high hopes – that I will spend the 7 hours I have scheduled to work on Lily’s Hope but of course, it hardly turns out that way. Therefore the 90 minutes to 2 hours that I spend on Saturdays with the group helps me make progress with this story and keeps me from getting completely discouraged.

When it comes to the two other goals I have set up for this round:

Drafting/completing two outlines for short stories I plan to submit to a couple of writing competitions

Complete a draft of a screenplay.

No progress has been made yet. I have time set aside to work on these goals but have not yet used it. So I am hoping to get started soon.

With other factors going on in my life – book reviewing, photography, bills/family stuff, raising kids and keeping up with their activities, housekeeping coupled with the fact that I feel like I can only focus on one thing at a time these days – the above goals can feel like a challenge. My career choice of being a writer/screenwriter can seem like a pipe dream. Yet, I refuse to give up this dream I’ve had for over two decades.

So there it is. I – possibly foolishly – believe that if I stick to my scheduled writing times, I will complete writing projects that I can then start submitting and sending off to agents, competitions, etc.
Or even self-publish.

In moments when it feels like there isn’t an end goal to my writing…that I am spinning my wheels, going nowhere…I force myself to keep at the writing.

Besides, I can’t help but write.

So I keep going. I hope you keep going, too.

Wishing my fellow ROW80ers a good writing and good progress this week.