Okay, Jumping in…

Hello, Round 2 of Row 80.

I am jumping in and stating my goals (a week later). My first goal being to check in and post more often with ROW80. Also to post more often on this blog.  Crossing my fingers on these two…

Last round I had the following goals and this round the goals are the same:

1. Write up to pg. 300 of my WIP: a sci-fi, mystery novel called Lily’s Hope. That will mean writing about 50pp a month. I am aiming to have a full draft completed by spring (May) – one of my big 2015 writing goals.

2. Draft/Complete two outlines for three short stories. I am aiming to submit a few short stories to a couple of writing competitions in the spring (May/June) as well. One of the competitions will be the Writer’s Digest Competition 2015.

3. Draft and complete one screenplay/script.

Though, I made a bit of progress on the first goal, I didn’t complete any of them. My hope is that this round I will.

So here’s to a new round.