Jumping In Late…

Goodness, I have this uncanny knack of being late to the ROW80 party and here I am again, jumping in to Round 3 about a week and 2 days late but I’m so glad to be here.

My goals for this round:

1. Complete the first draft of Lily’s Hope, my sci-fi mystery thriller (finally!)

2. Complete the first draft of one screenplay.

3. Complete a draft of one short story.

I have set some big writing goals for 2015 – can’t believe it’s July already! – and the above goals fall into that. One big goal is to self-publish and originally I was thinking one of my novels (another one, not the one above) but it’s a possibility it could be a short story. I keep hearing that publishing short stories is a good way to get my work out there.

I also want to submit to some competitions. I had a goal to submit to the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition but missed it completely. However, I have my eye on some future ones and am aiming for those.

In the meantime, I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo for July in the hopes of starting a new habit of writing everyday. In the past few years, I have scheduled writing times on specific days, not every day. However, I’ve come to realization in the past week, that to get consistent with my writing, I should do a chunk everyday — at least an hour a day (which I swore in the past I could never do but realize from actually doing it recently – a few days in a row – how important it is for me to do it), two hours the most. To essentially even look at it as a job that I must do, everyday. A very fun and creative job that needs my devotion.

So here goes Round 3…hoping for much writing progress and more check-ins by me.