For Summer, 2018:

As a fiction writer/screenwriter, I have several works-in-progress that I would love to turn into completed drafts and others that I want to convert into second drafts so here goes:

By the month of September, I would like to do the following:


My YA Fantasy – I would like to have a first draft completed. I am now in the midst of writing 2-3 scenes a day and that means working at least 1.5 hours a day (Monday-Friday).

My Paranormal Mystery – A revision that will lead to a completed 2nd Draft which in turn means editing 3 chapters or 10 pages a day.


I am blessed with a flexible summer schedule where my jobs include full-time Mom and part-time associate at a retail/tech company.  My hope is to grab hold of the large chunks of time I have now that I normally don’t get during the school year (because of my full-time work and my darling kiddos) and just “write like the wind!” (as quoted to me by my husband).  And that’s my goal in between joyful summer moments and trips with my family.

Crossing my fingers…


Thanks for stopping by!


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