A wife to a visual designer, a mother of three beautiful boys under 14 years old,  and a writer of screenwriting and fiction.  I am a transplanted New Yorker who has been writing for years and years – both fiction and screenwriting, honing my craft and putting it to good use.

Right now, I’m living on Seattle’s Eastside in the small city of Kirkland, working on more than a few works-in-progress in fiction and screenwriting in between life’s many moments.   It’s a busy life but one that I’m grateful to have.

I love hearing from you!  If you have any questions or want a more personal way to get in touch with me feel free to shoot me an email at melanieb120@gmail.com.  You can also connect with me on Twitter: @melanieb120.

Thanks for stopping by.  So glad you came!


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “three beautiful boys under 7 years old”

    May I say, you are a heroic mother indeed! My one boy under seven and one girl over seven are thunderlicious enough. Having three that close would probably cast me down into the pits of insanity!! I’m guessing there are a lot of contrasts between New York and Colorado. Do you draw inspiration from your surroundings, or does it come from other places?

    (Visiting from Story Dam)

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